Are you out of instant film packs for your designated Polaroid camera? Or are you looking for new ways to store your shoes in the most visually pleasing way? Just in case you aren’t aware, Polaroid film packs include more than just their iconic white frames.

So, if you’re looking for other special frames for storing all your cherished moments, here are eight amazing instant film packs to fuel your Polaroid addiction.

1. Polaroid Go Color Film Double Pack

You can never go wrong with the super iconic Polaroid frame, but smaller! This ensures they perfectly fit everywhere you want them to be. Moreover, this double pack made for Go Cameras includes sixteen film frames, ensuring you never run out of the film to capture all your iconic moments in life.

Want a distinctive instant film for your Polaroid i-Type Cam? This film double pack silver linings edition might help you out with that! With this gorgeous instant film pack, you can have sixteen instant photographs captured in shimmery metallic silver frames.

Every moment you capture with your Polaroid is something you’ll always treasure. So, why not enclose all your treasurable moments in these glimmering metallic gold frames? The Gold Moments instant film pack comes in sixteen photo frames, so there should be enough film to store all your golden memories.

Want colorful frames to adorn shots made by your Polaroid i-Type Cam? This Spectrum Special Edition film is your best bet. After all, this instant film pack is filled with eight film frames colored in different color gradients.

The Color 600 Film is your go-to instant film pack for your trusty Polaroid 600 vintage camera. This pack includes eight photo frames that will provide you with photographs with fantastic color and texture.

Is the classic square frame too simple for you? These fan-favorite round frames are here to add some unique touches to your shots. And fortunately, these round frame film packs aren’t just compatible with Polaroid 600 cameras. They’re good for i-Type cameras and the Polaroid Lab as well!

You can now store your favorite moments in your favorite color with the Color 600 Film – Color Frames instant film pack. One pack includes eight frames, each colored with a single, solid shade. This pack is compatible with Polaroid 600 cameras, but it should work well with i-Type ones too.

Are you fond of black and white aesthetics in your photographs? If you own a Polaroid SX-70 camera, this film pack is made just for you. Just ensure to shoot in areas with plenty of natural light, and you can make the most out of the eight black and white instant films included in this pack.

There are plenty of instant film packs made for every Polaroid camera. And if you’re out of film to use to capture your other moments, you can choose from a wide variety of films. Besides, Polaroid film packs range from classic to distinctive frames, so you can easily select a collection that suits your tastes and preferences.