Beef is a very delicious and high-quality meat product. There are also a lot of different cuts and types that you should try. Here are 10 beef products from Porter Road, which is a store of delicious and high-quality meat products that are sourced from pastures in TN, PA, and KY, that you should try right now.

1. Flat Iron

This steak is the second most tender. It is easy to cook and is perfect for those who are experts in cooking meat as well as those that are novices in cooking. It is dry-aged which makes nice flavor and texture. This meat is great for grilling and for cooking on the skillet. Get it for $16.

This meat is hand-cut and it is also dry-aged. It has no antibiotics and no added hormones. It is also best to be cooked on the skillet or grilled. Purchase this meat for $30.

This meat is one of the most tender and juicy cuts. It is dry-aged for at least 14 days which makes it flavorful. A piece costs $36.

One pound of this ground beef sells for $9. It is dry-aged and is perfectly balanced in terms of meat to fat ratio. It makes the best steakhouse burger. This ground beef is also very versatile as you can use it for different dishes.

This steak costs $18 for 0.62 to 0.87 lbs. It is easy to cook on the grill or in a skillet. This one is perfect for when you crave meat and not just on special occasions, especially when seasoned with a lot of salt.

You can get a pack of eight pieces for $32. They are best for grilling or for roasting. This meat is rich in nice meat and in fat.

This meat is cured with salt and sugar and is smoked over cherry wood. It has a unique flavor and you can get one pound for $15.

You can get two pieces per pack for $10. They are best smeared onto bread or used to create a popular dish. They are best for braising, grilling, or roasting. These beef marrow bones are hormone and antibiotics free and they are cut from the femur of the beef.

This is precut meat that you can cook with different dishes and ingredients. This is a great meat for recipes that you have long been making or ones that you just want to try. Get one pound for $12. This meat is best to be braised or cooked on the skillet. And just like the other meat products of Porter Road, the beef is pasture-raised and is free from hormones and antibiotics.

These are ribs that you can get for 2-3 pounds for $32. They are juicy and beefy. They are best grilled or smoked. These ribs are cut from the Ribeye which can be found on the upper part of the animal. This makes the ribs very flavorful.