Arts and entertainment are defined as a process of learning multiple actions like singing, poetry, and music. The vast type of activity you can learn determine how good you can be in this category. We can learn all this through online classes which are provided and today we will list 8 of that arts and entertainment online classes.

1) Christina Aguilera

Christina will teach you singing which will consist of finding your range, voice, and mastering your technique.

* She is a five grammy award winner
* Consist of 23 video lessons
* Learn the warm-up exercise, breath control, vibrato, and her signature growls

He will teach you the trick and his approach to movie-making on any budget.

* He is an academy award-winning director with a lot of blockbuster movies like titanic and avatar
* Consist of 15 video lessons
* learn how to develop ideas, storylines, characters, and the technology used

Can lead you into more dynamic and authentic storytelling using his technique.

* The winner of Emmy, Grammy, Peabody, and the host of Reading Rainbow
* Consist of 13 video lessons
* Learn to become an effective storyteller by using your voice and finding your intentions

He is a pioneer who teaches graphic design with his intuitive approach.

* Multiple graphic designs in magazines, surfboard, and even a potato chip bag
* Consist of 13 video lessons
* Learn how to explore typography, photography, and logo design

He teaches writing by finding and researching stories that give big ideas.

* Author of Blink and The Tipping Point
* Consist of 23 video lessons
* Learn how to research topics, craft characters and change big ideas into simple ones

Teaches arts and creativity by channeling your creativity.

* Artist best known for his iconic balloon dog
* Consist of 13 video lessons
* Learn how color, scale, and texture can help you

Teaches voice acting by giving life to animated characters.

* Emmy winner and legendary voice actor
* Consist of 14 video lessons
* Learn to develop character, get performance tips and career advice

This author teaches how to write a thriller step by step.

* Author of one of the best selling novels, The Da Vinci Code
* Consist of 19 video lessons
* Learn how to research, craft character, and sustain the suspense

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