Without spices, baking is incomplete. Most bakers also enjoy cilantro in apple crumble and ground pepper, garlic, and herbs in lemon bars, and slight 1 tablespoon chilies in cookies and chocolate cake. Take a look at the top eight spices that every baker should have on hand for holiday baking.

1. Cinnamon Variety Set

Cinnamon is one spice from common spices for baking that you must try. The three distinct varieties of cinnamon, namely Saigon Ground Cassia Cinnamon, Korintje Ground Cassia Cinnamon, and Ceylon Ground Cinnamon, ground fresh every week, add richness and depth to baked goods, curries, and morning coffee.

Allow our apple pie spice, an excellent combination of pre-ground nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, star anise, cloves, and ginger, to be the ace up your sleeve at the next baking competition. The aroma, mouthfeel, and intensity of one’s baked creations will impress judges and friends.

Masala chai translates to ‘spiced tea with milk and sugar’ in Hindi. Its version includes a hint of vanilla in addition to the spiced tea. Stir tablespoons of chai spices and two tablespoons of milk into one’s favorite cup of black tea to create an accurate cup as purchased by chaiwallahs from Mumbai to Kolkata.

With only a cup of this earthy, sweet cocoa, you can start the winter season right. It’s made with hazelnut and classic buttery cocoa to create a silky smooth drink with a hint of nutty sophistication.

Early European settlers copied Native Americans’ practice of collecting and heating sap from maple trees. Natural Wisconsin maple sap is tapped, reduced, crystallized, and hand-ground into maple sugar. With a wild flavor, use it wherever cane sugar is used. It’s particularly delicious in flour mixture and barbecue sauces.

Which do you think marks the emotional start of autumn, the changing colors of the leaves or the scent of vegetable spice? Even after the leaves have fallen, people can still enjoy the flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves in pies, French toast, and, of course, seasonal lattes.

The popular Spiced Vanilla Sugar blend combines a big hit of fresh vanilla with a glimpse of cardamom and cassia cinnamon. Snickerdoodles, oatmeal, or scattered on buttered toast are all delicious. Classic Vanilla Sugar and Lavender Vanilla Sugar are also available.

This blend, which combines the authenticity of roasted cocoa with the fiery zing of candied ginger, is a great snack on its own or in granola or mixed nuts. When used as a coating for baked goods, Sweet Nib Mix will win you a slew of awards.