Going on a ride anytime soon? Here are some of the must-have motorcycle riding gear from Revzilla.

1. Alpinestars T-GP Plus R v2 Air Jacket

Apart from a study helmet, a rider needs a good jacket to protect himself from the elements. This is one race-worthy jacket that will surely perform well on the road. A mesh chassis makes it light enough to provide comfort.

Leather has always been the material of choice of many riders. And when it comes to leather jackets, the more worn out it looks, the better. This vintage leather jacket combines the look of a classic motorcycle jacket with plenty of innovative features.

This lightweight and breathable jacket will be your go-to riding partner when summer arrives. It doesn’t mean, however, that this jacket will not give you the protection you need. Fact is, it has a Knox Fexiform CE-rated armor to keep you safe during your rides.

This would be a good partner to the Eclipse Jacket above. What sets it apart from other leggings is the full Aramid lining that provides maximum abrasion resistance. From the outside, however, it looks just like ordinary yoga pants.

This is a pair of riding pants that you can wear even when you’re not riding. On the outside, it looks just like any pair of blue jeans. It’s a tough pair of pants though and provides the right amount of protection for riders.

Probably the best riding pants available. It’s stretchy and comfortable while giving maximum protection.

Complete your look with a good pair of riding shoes. This one looks good enough to be worn even if you’re not riding.