Sex gives great pleasure when it is done with our partners. But how if we don’t have a partner? You can always rely on sex toys. There are many types of sex toys in the market and each one gives you a different kind of pleasure. Today we will list the top 10 sex toys that give pleasure to women.

1) Pinkcherry rose vibrator

This rose instead of thorn has petals that give a vibrating pleasure to women.

* Comes with 7 modes of subtle pulsing suction
* Length is 2.6″ and made with silicone
* Comes in red color

Employs gently throbbing suction and pressure to give the pleasure needed.

* Comes with 11 pleasurable modes
* Length is 6.5″ and made with silicone and ABS plastic
* Comes in gold color

Called the little black dress of vibrators because they can make you climax even if you have difficulties.

* Gives 5000 to 6000 vibrations per minute
* Length is 12.25″ and made with ABS plastic
* Comes in white color

Made for a precision placed vibration at g-spot or sweet spots.

* Targets the upper wall of the vagina
* Length is 8″ and made with ABS plastic
* Comes in pink color

This extra soft and flexible tool can be shared with your partner for maximum pleasure.

* Comes with 10 vibration mode
* Length is 3″ and made with silicone
* Comes in purple color

Targets your g-spot and has the feel of a real penis inside you.

* Comes with multiple vibration modes
* Length is 9″ and made with PVC and ABS plastic
* Comes in pink color

This vibrator looks like real lipstick and can be brought anywhere inside the bag.

* Comes with 3 speeds of vibration
* Length is 4″ and made with silicone and ABS plastic
* Comes in black and pink color

This bunny is made to reach the sensitive inner area for pleasure.

* Comes in 3 speed
* Length 10 10″ and made with ABD plastic and thermoplastic elastomer
* Comes in purple color

You get hands-free enjoyment because it has a suction cup that targets the erogenous zones.

* Comes with a wired power box
* Length is 7.75″ and made with PVC

Tighten and tone your pelvic floor with high stimulation to your sweet spots.

* Comes with two classic kegel tools and one powerful bullet vibe
* Includes silicone kegel balls and silver kegel balls
* Made with silicone, stainless steel, and ABS plastic

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