Anal sex is one part of sex play. It might be painful or enjoyable depending on how we do it. One way to get full pleasure is to use anal sex toys. There are plenty of anal sex toys in the market and today we will list 8 of them that give pleasure to men.

1) The rocker remote prostate massager

This hygienic and hypoallergenic tool can massage your prostate and indirectly give anal pleasure.

* Comes with 7 powerful vibe modes and 3 speed
* The maximum insertable length is 4″
* Comes in purple color

This kit is designed for anal play by beginners, novices, or experts.

* Have 3 plug that comes in 3 sizes
* Made with PVC materials
* The maximum insertable length is 4.25″
* Comes in pink color

This tool can penetrate deep or go shallow to massage.

* Made with glass materials
* The maximum insertable length is 5.5″
* Double-sided dildo and butt plug

Designed to give the maximum pleasure for your backdoor activity.

* Comes in blue color
* The maximum insertable length is 6.75″
* Six graduating swells and 12 vibration modes

Use this tool on your finger to penetrate the anal section to give the desired pleasure.

* Have two ticklers in pink color
* Measures 3.25″ in total length

A sexy kit for the newcomers but also can be used for fans of anal play.

* Comes in black color
* The maximum insertable length is 3.25″
* Made with ABS plastic

Use this tool to cleanse your anal passageway with water to get the taste before the real action.

* Comes in orange color
* Includes a squeezable plastic reservoir and 2 interchangeable nozzles
* Measures about 8.75″

Comes with ribbed bullet sits front and center to give the maximum pleasure.

* Comes in black color
* The maximum insertable length is 3.5″
* Comes with 6 rhythms

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