Universal Yums offer great snack boxes. You can get them for a subscription wherein there are three box sizes to choose from. These snacks come from different parts of the world wherein in the past year, in January 2021, there was the Netherlands box, Ukraine snack box in February, Germany in March, then there was Spain, Turkey, South Korea, Greece, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Scandinavia, and the Holiday box for the rest of the months in 2021. There was also the snack box from Poland in just January of this year. Universal Yums’ boxes can really make you feel like you are traveling all over the world with snacks that you could not get from anywhere else. Here are 6 of our best picks of their current offers.

1. Visit Everywhere 18-20 piece snack box

This is a holiday box of snacks and games that you can receive every month for one year. If you opt for the option Prepaid 1 year, you can get it for $38 per box or $456 per year. It renews annually. You may also get this box on a Month to Month payment basis wherein you pay for it for $42 per month. This option renews monthly. Each box contains 18 to 20 unique snacks and a guidebook with 16 pages of trivia and interactive games. This box has snacks from all over the world.

You may also get the same box with 18 to 20 pieces of snacks from Poland. It also has a 16-page guidebook. This box is perfect if you have Polish blood and miss the country or if you simply want to try Polish snacks. You also get free shipping in the US for this box.

You may also get the same snack box with the same number of inclusions but this time with the guidebook for France and with French snacks. This box includes savory chips and strawberry bonbons.

This box is not available in the 18 to 20 piece type. It has 10 to 12 pieces of snacks in each box and also a 16-page guidebook of Scandinavia. For the annual subscription, you pay $25 per box or $300 per year. For the monthly subscription, you pay $28 per box or per month and it renews monthly. Don’t worry as you can cancel anytime.

If the 18 to 20 box seems too much for you, then you could try this box with 10 to 12 pieces of holiday snacks from all over the world. The same pricing as the Visit Scandinavia 10-12 piece snack box applies.

If you want to get snacks from Poland but you just want to try it out, then you could get this pack. It includes 5 to 7 snacks as well as a 12-page guidebook with trivia and games in each box. You get to explore Poland’s culture and history with this box. The annual subscription costs $15 per box or $180 per year and the monthly one costs $17 per box. Get snacks in Polish flavors like delicious gingerbread with this box.