Traveling to exotic locations and visiting every city under the sun seems like a dream for many. Think of all the people you’d meet, the sights you’d see but more importantly— the food you’d taste. Universal Yums has solved one of these problems for you. With a monthly subscription, you can receive snacks from all over the world straight to your doorstep. They offer incredible variety and the boxes are filled with many “Yums” to try! Let’s take a look at 10 of the most popular Universal Yums boxes.

Number 10: France

Inside this box are many of France’s most popular treats including Cocoa Dusted Chocolate Truffle Bars, Onion Confit & Balsamic Chips, and Pure Butter Sables. The combination of rich chocolate truffles and cheese-flavored snacks makes for an exciting surprise.

When you receive this Scandinavia box, flavors will explode in your mouth. Our favorites include Cocoa Mud Cake Balls, Nougat & Licorice Milk Chocolate Bars and Paprika & Chili Pepper Potato Chips.

Welcome to Poland with crunchy cheese, onion flavor, and creamy candies covered in yogurt. The most delicious snacks from this box are the Ptasie Mleczko Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Bar, Jogusie Candies, and Iced Mint Gingerbread.

Located in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is home to exotic cuisine. The best snacks from this box are White Chocolate & Coconut Wafers, Pandan & Cocoa Cream Wafers and Strawberry Cow Gummies. With lots of sweet and creamy treats to devour, what’s not to love?

Picture this: You just landed in Taiwan and are welcomed off the plane with fruity yuzu, bubble tea and chocolate mochi. That’s right, it doesn’t get better than this! You can expect a box full of Bubble Tea Popcorn, Lemon & Himalayan Salt Pea Crackers and Chocolate Mochi with Peanut Cream.

The most famous snacks in the Czech Republic are packed with flavors like cinnamon and apricot. This box is sweet, salty and savory. The best picks include the Chocolate Dipped Oat Cookies, Puffed Rice Cakes with Apricot Yogurt and Fruity Llama Gummies.

Everyone knows South Korea for its culture, music and dance. Yes, we know you love K-Pop too! However, the snacks in this box take the cake. We love the Cinnamon Sugar Churros, Korean Fried Chicken Balls and Crunchy Pepero.

It’s obvious Spain loves bright and vibrant colors by their golden caramel and mango gummies. The favorites for this box are Spicy Mango Gummies and White Chocolate & Caramel Candies.

Dreams of the Aegean Sea and pristine beaches feel oh so close with these snacks! The snacks in this box include Almond Baklava, Grape Must Cookies and Pomegranate Jellies.

Turkey is one country— in two continents! How amazing! Well, their snacks certainly show for it. With Coconut & Coffee Snowball Cake, Vanilla Tahini Halva and Sour Watermelon Gummies, this country is full of mouthwatering surprises.