A portable blender is ideal for making a nutritious, refreshing smoothie while on the road. The BlendJet 2 portable blender is a super-compact, water-resistant, and simple-to-use personal blender that you can carry with you everywhere you go! This equipment will make your life a lot simpler if you’re just in the city for a few hours. You may also enjoy these shakes and smoothies if you’re usually on the run. They’re also tasty and won’t leave you hungry after you’ve had one.


* The robust and proprietary TurboJet technology cuts through anything in less than 20 seconds, including ice, frozen fruit, leafy greens, and other vegetables and fruits.
* This small blender has a 15+ blend capacity and can be recharged rapidly using the USB C charging connector. Traveling with it is a breeze because of its portability and durability.
* Because of the BlendJet 2’s light and durable build, you can keep it in your luggage and drink directly from the jar.

* Even if you don’t have access to a fridge, the sleeve keeps beverages cool and tasty. Please keep it in your gym bag, handbag, or baggage for worry-free travel.
* It is made of sturdy and water-resistant materials, and it offers hours of insulation to keep your drink cool while you are out and about.

* With this much-anticipated recipe book, you’ll learn how to be your barista, bartender, and smoothie maker with recipes that are precisely portioned for your BlendJet portable blender.
* Increase the intensity of your exercise. Relax and unwind with a beverage. Indulge in a drinkable dessert. Breakfast is served more quickly. Alternatively, you may produce the fuel to feel wonderful.

* The ideal companion for your BlendJet. The Jetsetter Tote doubles as a mini-fridge, allowing you to produce additional BlendJet recipes when camping, hiking, or on the road.
* Durable, water-repellent materials protect your BlendJet and its contents. Insulates for hours, keeping your ingredients fresh, cool, and ready to combine.

* These proteins are not only beneficial to your health, but current research has shown that they may also aid in weight loss efforts.
* Make a 310 shake in your BlendJet, and you’ll have dessert-like richness on the run in minutes. Consequently, every day will seem like a “cheat day.”

* LadyBoss LEAN was created for women, and it has the proper combination of protein, fiber, probiotics, vitamins, and minerals to help you look good, feel good, and conquer your objectives.
* It may be used as a base for your smoothie creations, or you can keep it simple by mixing it with plain water or almond milk.

* We’re offering you a new level of cleanliness by using only the purest plant-based components. It is ideal for keto diets and anybody looking to feel their best after consuming a protein shake or smoothie.
* These tasty superfood protein shakes are unlike anything else on the market—and are much more than an energy drink—thanks to the additional power of Sunwarrior’s patented enzyme mix, which aids digestion and nutrient absorption.

* Providing a nutrient-dense dose of BCAAs and vital vitamins, minerals, and amino acids can help you feel and look better while also promoting long-term healthy collagen production.
* Biotin and vitamin C are included (no synthetic vitamins). Vegetarians and vegans will love it. Keto-friendly. Soy- and gluten-free, high in vitamin C (no synthetic vitamins).