Selecting gifts for babies is not as easy as it seems. You should not just randomly give them something, as it otherwise may remain unused and will be a waste of your money as well.

So, instead, select a gift that a baby will find interesting and it also will help them in some ways. To make things easier for you we are sharing a list of 8 such gifts that babies will love and even their parents will be happy about.

1. The Block Set

These are basically a set of solid wood blocks that can help develop language, spatial, and problem-solving skills.

In the set, you get 70 quality pieces that work with one another and there are over 20 stage-based activities that kids can get involved in and have a great fun time.

With the Montessori Playshelf, a kid will be able to enjoy the experience of playing in a Montessori right at home.

It is a 2-in-1 shelf with a 100 percent birchwood design and it makes toy storage and rotation very easy. It even has a soft-close design to help keep the fingers of a little kid protected.

A play gym makes an ideal gift because it allows a child to enjoy a complete year of play. It is a research-based collection and includes everything that will help in developing the brain of a baby.

If the kid already has a play gym then you can give them sensory strands that can securely be attached to their little gym. This will allow the baby more to discover – better reaching, gripping, textures, new sensations, and more.

This is an ideal gift that will allow a kid to play hide and seek. It helps develop balance and strength even after a toddler has begun walking.

All of us know that proper sleep is crucial for a baby’s development. And, the organic nap mat has been created to ensure exactly so. The set includes a blanket, padded mat, pillow, and even custom buckles.

Designed out of sustainably harvested wood, the pull-up toy is something every kid will love. It is easy to roll along with a rug, on the floor, and even on the sidewalk with its string. And, it will help a kid develop gross motor, grip, and coordination skills.

Another thoughtful gift idea for babies is the black and white cards. These cards have images with different pattern complexity and can help develop and also strengthen the vision of a kid.

Each of these gift ideas is thoughtful and not only will the baby absolutely love it, but even their parents will appreciate the efforts that you put in, in finding such amazing gifts.