Cooking is one of the basics in our life. There are many ways to learn to cook. But in these pandemic times, the best way is to learn to cook online. There are many different cooking and recipe varieties and today we will list 7 online cooking classes to make a variety of food.

1) Massimo Bottura

Teaches you how to do traditional Italian cooking like risotto and tortellini.

* Chef of Osteria Francescana (three Michelin star)
* 14 video lessons
* learn to cook tagliatelle al ragu, pumpkin risotto, and Emilia burger

Create restaurant-inspired recipes at home with tips on time-saving preps.

* Consist of 13 restaurant-inspired dishes
* 15 video lessons
* Make elevated courses from appetizer to dessert

Teaches you how to make Central Texas-style BBQ including his famous briskets.

* Owner of Franklin Barbecue (James Beard award winner)
* 16 video lessons
* Learn how to cut and use the correct temperature on ribs, pork butt, and briskets

This chef will teach middle Eastern cooking that is layered with color and flavors.

* Winner of James Beard Award
* 26 video lessons
* Learn to make mezze, brunch spreads, homemade condiments, and delicious vegetables

She teaches Mexican cooking with simple ingredients and exceptional care.

* Chef of Contramar and star of modern Mexican cuisine
* 13 video lessons
* Learn step by step how to cook tuna tostadas, tacos al pastor, and salsa

Brings the layer and spices of Indian cooking with culinary tradition and techniques.

* Have 30 award-winning cookbooks and Janes Beard Foundation Cookbook Hall of Fame Award
* 12 video lessons
* Learn 30 recipes that consist of vegetables, bread, street food, and more

Teaches you how to cook modern Japanese cooking with fresh ingredients.

* Owner of n/naka restaurant in Los Angeles (two Michelin star)
* 18 video lessons
* Learn how to make tempura, sashimi, and perfect rice

If you want to learn varieties of recipes then join one of these online cooking classes in “MasterClass”. For more details and prices, please click the link below. Hurry up and get the slots before it gets filled up